I’m never sure how my own self image compares ot the image that others have of me. Try this when I say “standardization,” what do you think of?

Is it me?

Well, regardless of your response, or mine, a corner has been turned in the Belgian job hunt department.

Though the ink is not yet dry on the contract I am now employed as a “Communications Assistant” at CEN The European Committee for Standardization. I begin this Friday.
The pros outweigh the cons: The pros are that I’ll have an entry level position in a pan-European Organization in the field in which I graduated and hope to work more in the future. PLus it comes with a decent benfits package (I can get paid for going on holidays!?!?; I’m almost 30 and this idea is still foreign).

The cons are beasically that Standardization is not something I’ve ever listed in the “Hobbies” section of any questionairre ever in my life. At least not so far.
However, if Friday goes well and I get into the swing of Standadization it might become hard to shut me up on the subject. The main thing is that within 72hrs I can transfer my “Job hunting” energies into “Job doing”.