…anyway you spell it it’s an alright city. Chiara and I arrived after an overnight sleeper train. Man, that was awesome. I guess, not so much for most people, but i felt like a ‘tween at a slumber party! Neat little beds! Sheet-type sleeping bags! Went to bed with the rocking rhythm of the train and woke up in Cologne. Like they did in the good old days.

We had only one day there in Cologne, but i turns out that was enough. Saw the Dom (Big Church), climbed its’ (big) tower. Went to the chocolate factory (yes, it’s real), and then rode some bikes on the Rhein. We went to a sculpture park, which is just a big park with big outdoor sculptures in it, it was great. I know the essence of storytelling is details, but there’s none here. You know, not everything here is gonna be gold, rich in descriptive imagery. That could be helped by a generous portion of modifiers and enriched detail of happenings, but won’t be. It’s my blog, so i lays it down however I wants.