After nearly two years in Brussels I finally made my way to ‘a la Mort Subite’ a family-owned pub that’s been a Brussels staple since 1928. I admit, I was mostly attracted by the name – drinking at a place called Sudden Death brings a welcome element of danger to a Thursday evening beer or two.

Sadly, the Sudden Death of the name refers to an old-timey dice game – there is no pit of snakes or lasergun duels. I didn’t even see a single cyanide poisoning(!)

What is on hand is a surprisingly small selection of beers priced at a surprisingly inflated rate, and a whole lot of English speakers enjoying an approximation of a Belgian beer bar.

Again – no piranhas, no hatchet throwing, nothing that would suggest Sudden Death, unless overpaying for beers in what is essentially your standard Belgian bar would kill you. I give it four mehs out of five.

(I did enjoy the fact that while you could smoke in there, and despite the fact it was wicked crowded, it wasn’t all smoky and shit).

Apparently they’ve got a great selection of geuze, so if you do end up at this Brussels institution I suggest having that. I suspect it may be overpriced, but it is their specialty.

If you’re looking for a great Belgian beer, or a great Belgian beer bar, I suggest Moeder Lambic.