Sunday sunshine. Late wake ups. And a trip to the edge of the city with tall Irish Alan (world cup compatriot), host Daniel, and Aussie Chris. We made our afternoon destination the bend in the river, misnomered Lake Somethingorother. Beautiful shady green and a little afternoon swim to clear the head. Plus some sunbathing to shade my pasty skin.

Serbia Montenegro-0 1-Netherlands
Caught the last half hour of this game at the beach complex. Netherlands looked sharp, especially Arjen Robben. Serbia Montenegro tactically mediocre and on their heels for the most aprt of it.

Mexico-3 1-Iran

On the way back from the lake and missed most of this game, it was tied at ones when we arrived back at Daniels beatifully restored former squat.
Sitting in the bar downstairs and no sooner had I commented to Alan that “Iran will be happy with this result” then they were ripped open for two quick and beautiful goals. Mexico certainly looked sharp and dangerous, with an accurate through ball and a beautfiully executed give-and-go with the “go” part turning into a beautifully timed header.

Portugal-1 0-Angola
Angola didn´t do that great against Portugal. My fantasy Portugal players failed to impress, with Deco not playing and Cristiano Ronaldo´s display of fancy footwork undermined by his continued petulance and floppy sleeves on his jersey. What, I wonder, is up with that? anyway he was yanked in the 60th minute, but had some nice chances and created a few as well. Figo, unfortunately, looked well past his prime.
This game enjoyed at flat of Kaya and Baldur and it was a nice barbecue and salads and big screen game. Nice.