Some people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’m not sure if that is true, but it is definitely the first meal of the day.

Like all best days, today started with breakfast. Buttery pastries, chocolate and coffee – not exactly healthful, but how many times do you serve out the final day of your pre-notice period for getting fired and have the final of an inter-office kicker tournament all on the same day?

That question is rhetorical, yet does have an answer: once. Today.

I have been basking in the interest my colleagues have taken in my life, and our mutual inclination to remain on personable – even friendly – terms. I brought the sweet morning treats, and we have shared pain au chocolat, and chausson au pommes, and a few laughs.

But when I play my semi-final match in the kicker tournament, I will leave all warm regards and breakfast crumbs in the locker room, and leave the bullet-riddled tear-streaked remains of my opponents on the pitch.

And then I will exit this phase of my life with my head held high, and my trophy held aloft.

If by some conpiracy of the gods I am not victorious, I will exit with my gaze downcast and my heart heavy, forced to cling to the significant professional experience, achievements and financial remuneration I have gained in my almost three years as the Editor/Communications Manager here at CEN.

But here’s hoping it won’t come to that.

UPDATE: We f&%$!ng lost. Second f&%$!ng place!! Small f&%$!ng trophy, minor f&%$!ng victory.