I’m done with the English teaching. Today we studied the simple past first class, with the really noisy kids, then proceeded to spend time singing “Imagine” by John Lennon. The kids love to sing, and Imagine is an easy enough song to sing, with simple and powerful lyrics. One of the classes was a little disappointed initially because they were keen on McCartney. And no, I don’t mean Paul. I mean Jesse, his son.

Clearly I’m getting old. Who the fuck is Jesse McCartney?

Anyway, overcoming that initial disappointment we really enjoyed the two classes of Imagining a world of peace.

Between these classes I finished watching Robin Hood: Principe i Ladri with one of my other classes. Fortunately class finished before “Everything I Do, I Do For You.”

And now I’m done. i’m gonna miss those kids and their friendship. And especially the hero worship and little crushes.