After a raucous Saturday nights potato gun and gourmet feast, Sunday came along and was even lazier than Adam Sandberg’s and Chris Parnell’s. Cruising in the sunshine enjoying delicious breakfasts and nursing monstrous hangovers. The brains were working, but oh so slowly, however Brotz and I did emerge on top of a hard fought game of Trivial Pursuit.

Being so deeply dumb mentally one would think that would be a bad time to do some improv. And it was. However, the temptation of doing some more improv with the !nstant Theatre boys proved to be too much for me and after enjoying some fish and chips with the mighty Geordie Aitken and watching the terrible vancouver Canucks embarass themselves I headed to Wink to do a little embarassing improv of my own. IT wasn’t too bad, actually, but there was definitely some struggling. I think I did my best just to stay involved but not get in the way. That’s not necesarrily the strongest way to approach improvisation, but under the circumstances it was what had to be done.

Unfortunately, because there was no Monday Night Urban Well show, this was to be the last of my Vancouver improvs for a while. Improvs like shooting a potato gun: you can create a vacuum seal with the potato and spray hair spray into the back, but sometimes you can just press and press and press the igniter button without getting it to fire.

Fuck! is there anything that potato gun analogy won’t work for?