Dear All,

I’ve been slightly negligent in my implicit promise to stuff your inbox with group emails. But group emails are like haircuts and cleaning – less is more.

Anyway, it seemed time to report a couple of developments, though some of you already know. The main development is the fact that Chiara and I are getting the fuck out of Brussels.

Two and a half fairly enjoyable years in the Capital of Europe has left us professionally experienced, culturally ambivalent, and craving new ideas. That means a new city and new challenges. More specifically, that new city is London, and those new challenges are Masters Degrees, warm lager, and sky-high rents.

Here in Brussels I’ve had the opportunity to do alot of things: communications for a European agency, freelance copywriting, write an award-winning play (The Power Force!!) and a short film (now in post-production)… and some other pursuits that have led me to realize “I like writing, I’m pretty good at it – even earning money doing it. Maybe I’m on to something here.”

But I’d like to get better at it. I’d like to go from being a part-time writer to being a Professional Writer. This is why I enrolled in the Professional Writing MA at London Met University.

Chiara has been having a parallel experience in the workworld (gaining good experience, but finding it unfulfilling) that has led her to an MA in International Law at the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London.

So as of September 1 we will be located more or less full-time in London. For a number of reasons we will still keep our Belgian residency, but we’ve already found someone to rent our place, so this summer will be alot of selling, bagging, and boxing.

Otherwise… on Sunday I hosted an improv show starring students of a workshop I’ve been teaching, and it was awesome. The rush of performing is something I love and I’m looking forward to ingratiating myself into the London improv community, which seems large, varied, and full of drop-in workshops. I love teaching workshops and performing – and hopefully there will lots of opportunity for that in London – but also it’s been far too long since I’ve been able to go and jam with improvisers. So right on to that opportunity.

This summer we’ve scaled back our holiday plans. They were focused on traveling many miles to attend important weddings and other events; now our summer plans consist of driving short distances to relax in thrifty comfort. This is to address two concerns: one is Chiara’s health, which is, for anyone keeping score at home, a battle we’re currently not winning. The second is acknowledging that moving to the most expensive city in the world will severely try our financial resources and appetite for instant noodles.

Regardless, we’re hoping for some quiet time on the coast of Normandy in France. Travelling the short distance from Belgium this seems like a consolation prize holiday-wise, but we understand that the French coast is pretty amazing, and so we’re not complaining.

I hope everyone is on the cusp of an exciting, relaxing, interesting, challenging, and sunny summer – if that’s what you want. If you’re planning to look us up beyond September I recommend trying London.

But first, send an email or give a call.

Much Love,
Ryan de Millarickx