A train prepares to leave the station

On Tuesday evening last week, something quite special happened: my first group of Level One improvisers had their graduation show. And they blew everyone away – me included.

When I set up the seven-week course, I wanted to take people who had never done improv before right through the process of learning to do improv for the first time and then carry on right through their very first performance.

I’ve done something similar a few times before and always with excellent results – people have learned a lot, the
sessions have always been fun but focused (nothing like a looming performance to focus the mind), and the shows have been great.

But this time the show involved very little of me, and a whole lot of the students, whose ability to accept ideas, support each other, and do quality scene work was really remarkable. It was gratifying for me as a teacher, but also, I saw them really step into their own.boxing round two_thb

And it’s happening again! Next week I start a follow-up seven week course with a performance at the  end. I’m excited about this new group as well, as they’ve got a whole new mix of backgrounds and skills, and I know it’ll be an amazing time. If you missed the last show, know that the next one is 15 December. I’d already make a note in your calendar, because it promises to be another special experience.

And if you’re wondering whether to join or not, do it. The growth of the students from hesitant newbies, through to confident stage performers was pretty special. And as of today (Saturday), there are still two last spots remaining. So sign up and let’s get rolling.

You’ll be glad you did.