There are a number of levels of French in my Language School.

I am in the first level. And you know what? It’s pretty easy. I started getting a little bit of a swelled head, thinking ‘I’m too good for this class, they should put me in the next level, that’d be more my speed.’

And it gave me a little warm glow, because I figured I had underestimated my French, and maybe it wasn’t so bad. Maybe my French is almost decent. Then last night I asked how many levels there were in the school.


No matter how good I’m doing in the ‘You don’t know anything about French’ class, i’m still a long way off from attaining ‘French speaker’ status.

The 12 Levels of French at my School

  1. Completely Inept
  2. Sucky
  3. Nonsensical
  4. Aww, you’re trying.
  5. Cute… Let’s speak English.
  6. Intermediate.
  7. Upper Intermediate.
  8. Good French
  9. Really Good French.
  10. Really, Really Good French
  11. Expert
  12. French French