Poor Togo. If Tunisia loses today that´ll make it a clean sweep against the African teams, but the Tunisians may just pull out a win against the heavily unfavoured Saudi´s. Anyway I only got to watch a little of the game because I went to see Berlin Tokyo exhibit at the National Gallery. Pretty awesome stuff, especially the documentation of 60´s “happenings” and of course the hallucenigenic room. (pictures to come).
Togo was actually leading, but got worked over in the end.


The old goal-less draw. Glad I missed most of this game. Switzerland should be pleased with this result but France has to pull their shit together or risk further rioting in the streets. With an attacking line-up like France has got, they have no excuse for not getting goals.


This game was, as far as games go, mediocre. An unconvincing display by the favorites, which bodes well for a World Cup surprise. The best thing about this game really was that I was there. Sitting behind the goal into which Kaka rifled the games only goal. That was fantastic. Getting to and from the stadium did not impress however. These Germans are pretty unorganized. Or at least the train system was not well sorted with packed trains sitting in the Olympischstadion station for twenty minutes, jammed full of people.

But being at the stadium was exciting as all anything. Maybe you saw us on TV. Apparently we got a little airtime in Ireland and Slovakia. Very little. Alan and I were both sporting jerseys (he Croatia, me Brazil). And we sat near the Brazilian fans who were cheering like mad and even rocked a ltitle samba through much of the game. The game itself was a disappointment, with Ronaldinho holding back it seemed. The good news about the Brazilian team, if you have Ronaldo in your Fantasy Football line-up, is that he doesn´t look very fat.

Anyway, despite losing, Croatia played very well, except for squandering a handful of gift-wrapped chances. As well they bore up well to losing their captain in the first half.

Being at a World Cup game= fantastic. But being in Berlin watching it on one of the street TV´s or in a squat bar, or at the beach gives a better view and the beers closer. I´m stoked to have made it to a game, but don´t feel like I would want to be at too many more. I´ll be happy to move our TV outside in Rome and recreate a little of the vibe.