If you’re coming to London, or live in London, or are from London, or have traveled to London, or are thinking of traveling to London, or perhaps know somebody who is going or has recently come to London – and let’s face it, we all fit one of the categories – then you should read this recent article from the New York Times Magazine.

It’s called Explaining Londoners, and it does a pretty good job of doing just that.

Sample wisdom:

  • “Many Americans view London as a place where everyone drinks, all the time. And it’s sort of true.”
  • “Londoners are not impressed by anything, at all, ever.”
  • And when someone says: “Musn’t complain… ”, they have just complained

Read the full article to enrich your own understanding of London. Of course it doesn’t cover everything, for that you’ll just have to come visit.

Or don’t. As you like.