Hi friends,

I feel like it’s been a long time since i’ve written. So i’m writing. It’s tough to send out all the emails I want these days from the internet cafe, but Chiara and I just bought a computer and are looking to upgrade from dial-up to adsl and step ourselves into the present. Then I will pester with correspondence much more frequently.

I hope all is well with you where ever you are. I hope you are excited about your upcoming hockey season. You lucky sunsabitches. My brother just sent me a note that he was going to see some live hockey. Those Canucks, bless them. I am not going to see hockey, and will not for quite some time. I am trying to content myself with Serie A action here in Italy, but it’s tough to get behind any of these teams. They are soooo Italian. The other problem is when I watch them on TV I have no ideas what the announcers are talking about, they too are Italian. I strictly follow the ball around the screen, so it’s tough to pick up on the nuances. However all of this is set to change in a weeks time when I begin my Italian classes. 6 hours a week. Until June. If we stay that long here in Italy and I continue those classes I damn well better be able to speak the language when I’m done! So that’s good news. When I go out with Italians and we speak Italian, man, you’ve never seen me so quiet. That too is about to change. I’m gonna talk. Alot. And rapidly. That is integration.

Earlier in the month Chiara and I made a trip to Amsterdam via Cologne. It was pretty sweet to be back in the old city. We had an apartment, bikes, friends, a canal boat ride, and improv galore. It was just like the old days, only sunnier. We both enjoyed it alot. I was excited to go back to Boom Chiago and get to do a couple shows with them and meet the new actors. Their new show, which we saw when we arrived is on-point. Mostly sketch, and when done the stage was littered with the carcasses of sacred cows. Bravo. The Heineken Late Night on Friday was a blast as well, nice to get a little dose of improv, tread the boards as it were.

Anyway, we had a helluva time.

Since being back Chiara’s been in the thick of her thesis and I’ve been trying to figure out how to organize my winter so I can stay working, preferably as a tour guide. I am still thinking.

Oh boy, let’s tell another anecdote: Saturday night Chiara and I went for dinner at the home of the Mali ambassador. It was an amazing party full of Malian dignitaries in colourful traditional outfits as well as all kinds of bureaucrats and folks from Rome’s international community. And Chiara and I. And Chiara’s grandma. Anyway we turned the party out. Plenty of good food, drink, and dancing in the ambassadors living room. It was pretty sweet music, lots of drums. But things really got nuts when the dj threw down Fitty Cent’s classic “In the Club.” Then we partied like it’s your birfday.

All in all the party was awesome. Good food, good times and tutti eranno simpatici.

Now I’m off for a little football action, 8 aside. I may not get to watch hockey here, but I can play football hockey style.
Write soon,