Roma was out before they were even in. After all the speculation, hope, and anticipation, Roma’s Champions League campaign ended last night with a disastrous thud. A spectacular and disastrous thud. Manchester on the other hand, looked like Roma was merely a stepping stone to semi-finals, finals, and even the cup. They looked truly in form, as a team that scores 7 goals on the Champions League’s heretofore stingiest defence obviously is.

Every single one of Manchesters 7, yes 7 goals, was a beautiful completion of strong attacking movement. Manchester played from the first minute like a team in charge of their destiny. They were unstoppable. Having said that, Roma, in theory could have stopped them, and their collapse last night will inspire much introspection and evaluation. For Roma to go from the peak of beating one of Europes Premier teams 2-1 to the depths of a 7-1 thrashing by that same team less than a week later writes one of their greatest victories, and their worst defeat, almost simultaneously into their club history.

It was a night of coulda, shoulda, woulda: Roma coulda come back even from the 3-0 hole they put themselves into early. Michael Carrick scored in the 11th minute with a perfectly placed chip over Doni, who made no move to stop it. 6 minutes later suprise starter Alan Smith struck, and before Roma had caught their breath from going down two goals in the first twenty minutes they had gone down three goals in the first twenty minutes thanks to a cool finish by Rooney. Even that, backbreaking though it was, didn’t need to spell Roma’s end. They were down only 4-2 on aggregate and could’ve pulled themselves back into the match, but nobodies deluding themselves, that would be asking alot: Manchester was threatening to run away with the game (if they hadn’t already.) However after some back and forth play Roma shoulda scored before the half at least, to stem the tide and turn the momentum, bringing themselves some hope for the second half. And they woulda, they had some chances but lacked finish. All Manchester did was complete offensive actions with pretty goals; C. Ronaldo scored a goal in the 44th minute to make it 4-o going into the half. The game was well over.

After that stunning first half display I knew Roma’s only hope was to score a couple quick ones during the break. That didn’t happen. And the second half showed more of the same: decent play from Rome, but not nearly inspired or dangerous enough to truly threaten Van Der Sar’s domain. And Manchester continued to look dangerous all night, they tallied 3 more goals in the second half. In the end Rome did get a precious away goal, but seeing how de Rossi’s goal (nice though it was) only decreased Manchesters lead to 6 goals, it was a small small consolation.

In the end you’ve got to hand it to Manchester for the way they handed the game to Rome. As a Rome supporter I’m embarrassed and saddened. Embarassed for the drubbing handed out on footballs biggest club stage, and sad, for what Rome coulda, shoulda and woulda accomplished.