Marbles, London’s favourite Canadian-Cornish improv duo now has a website! Designed by the bearded Cornishman Dave Waller, it is located right here.

But Ryan, you find yourself asking, I want to know – here and NOW – when is Marbles’ next show?

Excellent question. 3 March, at The Miller.

But there’s more:

This show, Beats, Rhymes and Mirth, features jazz, improv comedy, and hip hop, all together under one roof. I’m almost impossibly excited. It’s ridiculous how sweaty and giddy I am over this.

First, jazz trio Furniture will be playing some funked-up, beat-heavy jazz. Listen. I know right? So good.

Then, Dave and I will do a set of Marbles-brand freeform comedy. For the first time publicly we will be joined by Furniture keyboardist, improviser, Australian, and all-round classy guy Rob Grundel.

If you’ve never seen Marbles before let me tell you that you’ve really never seen them until you’ve seen them multiply their freewheeling comedy stylings by keyboard. To the power of a Korg Kaossilator.

Already it’s a huge win and a great night out. But there is a bonus element, for those who really want to party.

After Marbles has done their set, Dave and I will host a freestyle mic-rocking hip-hop free-for-all. One which may also include:

  • An actual rap song by Canadian deep underground mic-wrecker Ryman Illa (of See Spot Rhyme)
  • Guest spots by some of London’s premier comedy talent
  • Some drunk guy (TBC)
  • You?

All this for just £5.00. To book a ticket go here.

Seriously. Do it.