On Wednesday 11 May, Marbles (the world’s foremost Canadian-Cornish improvised comedy duo – consisting of Dave Waller and Ryan Millar) will be unveiling a sweet-ass new comedy show.

It is The Yak, an improvised talk show hosted by the beardy bespectacled duo. It is part of London Improv, the sexy new comedy club taking place at The Miller pub.

The patter will be unscripted, the commercials fake, and the energy will be loosey-goosey. As always, it will also include a one-of-a-kind Marbles long form set.

A recipe for thought-provoking hilarity.

And, like any good talk show, we will also have guests… and those guests will be real characters.

For our run we will have all manner of ludicrous folks coming down (including a tortured French chanteuse, an embittered theatre critic, a seven year-old stand-up, a guy from a gay future… the list goes on) and some very classy musical guests.

Our first show features:

  • Hannah Barberra Cartland, a cycle courier and performance poet from the West Country
  • And a very special appearance from some undersea royalty…
  • An undoubtedly brilliant musical act (TBC)

Watch comedy future tap into comedy past and have a chat about it… watch a live taping of The Yak!