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July 17th


Maybe you heard the good news: Italy is the World Cup Champion! Best football team in the world. I have been vicariously enjoying the national pride resurgence and certainly danced ontop of a bus in front of the Colosseum and chanted slogans and enjoyed the final game immensely in the Circus Maximus with 300,000 others. It was a truly monumental occasion: i’ll always remember where I was when Italy won the World Cup in 2006: Italy.

After all the time and enthusiasm invested in this years World Cup (I blogged every single game), it’s nice to see that my hard work paid off.

In other news summer is trucking along and I’ve been giving plenty of tours to the knowledge hungry transient masses here in this old town. Today I drove a couple of New York Jews around and took them to the Jewish Ghetto and the Synagogue. Seeing how the guy had been ordained as a rabbi I was a little out of my league, but it was fun driving an electric minicar (golfcart) around the city. Necessary too, because not only is it hot as blazes and jammed full of tourists, taxis are on strike.

Never a dull moment.

Last week I went North to Bologna and caught up with some BC Cooperators on a study tour of the region. We went to a drug rehab centre called San Petrignano that was an inspired and inspirational visit to a rehabiliation and treatment centre that works. They also (and not coincidentally) churn out some of the most fantastic handcrafted materials in the world: handmade wallpaper, leatherbound books, wine, furniture, bike frames, ironworks… the list goes on. It’s a thriving utopic community of 1,800 people, that counts a success rate of some 70%.
Remarkable, and so perfect and wholesome its a little creepy, sure, but it all seemed to work very well. You can’t argue with success. And the combination of people cleaning up and learning a trade or craft or art and shaping new patterns in their lives was beautiful to see. And administered as a cooperative. Good show all the way around…

But enough about that.

Summers in full swing, 29 years are peeking at me from just around the corner, and changes are afoot in Rome, in that a move may be upcoming. Not only that there’s a Vancouver visit likely in the offing. Unkle Ryan has a nephew to meet.

Just wanted to send regards… and gloat just a tiny bit:

Forza Italia!

Much Love,

Ryan Millarazzi