Great weekend. Involved not much working, much spending time with great friends, much seeing of new sites, pizza taglio, a bunch of beer, and a two man scrabble tournament.
Some photos.

The Parco della Musica, by Renzo Piano. Evan’s an architect so we went to check it out. Film fest is coming there in October, so i’ll get to check the custom designed acoustics.

A day of sightseeing always includes a scenic picture.

The Protestant Cemetary. Or more formally “The Cemetary for Non-Catholic Foreigners.” It has a rundown overgrown beauty, where the plants are given some freedom to live life as they want amongst the dead, who include Keats and Shelley and Antonio Gramsci, among others.

There’s always gonna be some fighting.

Chiara, whilst we were out for a delicious dinner, before I kicked Evan’s ass at Scrabble.