So let me get this straight: Rome is ejected from the Champions league in spectacular fashion (they received what is commonly called ‘drubbing’ and used to be know as a ‘raping’) by Manchester United. Manchester then goes on to face AC Milan, the kind of awesome, but actually so-so team that nobody can really cheer for because they are owned by rich, arrogant, cruise ship singer turned media mogul turned politician/ idiot savant Silvio Berlusconi. Also they were found guilty of cheating in the lead up to last summers World Cup.

And Milan wins!?!? 5-3 on aggregate. A 3-2 away loss to Manchester in the first leg surely beats getting pounded 7-1, as happened to Rome.

And then a 3-0 victory at home. 3-0? Are you fucking kidding me?

Sure I love Roma, but this is ridiculous.

I’m also torn because for the semi-finals there were four teams 3 of whom were English. This was rightly seen as a coup for Premiership soccer, the awesomest sports league in the world.’

So ina way I’m glad that Milan is in the finals against Liverpool. But am I glad enough to cheer for them? I’m not so sure. Although I will cheer for the hard-tackling Gennaro Gattuso.