I was going to celebrate the start of the 2010 Serie A season a couple of weeks ago with a post about Roma’s Montenegrin striker Mirko Vucinic. I didn’t, because it turned out that he was injured. Then Roma’s season started off in such an appalling fashion that I didn’t want to write anything about it at all.

And then, in the 92nd minute of last night’s game this happened:

Against arch-rivals, the league-leading and overwhelming favourites Inter. At the very end of extra time: one sublime pass, one perfectly timed run and flying leap to connect with that curling orb. In that next moment, everything changes. Mirko’s goes Godzilla on the advertising hoardings, gets mobbed by his team mates and the whole year looks different.

This season, which had been threatening to become an aggrievement (especially considering the scandalous nature of Roma’s last loss), is now looking full of promise.

Now, all of a sudden, it feels like anything is possible. It’s a long season, but now I’m saying that without letting out a mournful sigh afterwards. Daje.

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