This is the view from the place where I’ll be “working” in July. Impro Hotel! 

2014 is looking good. I mean that in a general way, and specifically in an improv-centric way. I’m already looking at shows, gigs, workshops and more already booking into July. I just wanted to run down some bullet points on some of the highlights, of what has already happened, and what else there is coming up.

  • I’m looking after some improv shows and workshops at Mezrab. We’ve had two great shows already and will be doing this regularly throughout the year. The audiences have been big too, and I’m hoping these nights will continue to grow. Next show is 16 February, and I’ll be teaching drop-in 4 February.
  • This week is Impro Amsterdam, and I’ll be doing my cinematic solo show Tuesday night, giving a panel talk on solo improv on Friday night, and teaching Taking it Easy on Saturday.
  • February 10-14 I’ll be in Finland, for workshops and shows. Yeah, Finland! Public workshops in Helsinki and Tampere, and performing Milly Can Rap with Trent Pancy.
  • I’m booking The Pitch for some shows during the year. Already it will be in the Amsterdam Remifestival of Solo Improvisation, and in Delft in April. More shows to be announced soon.
Now already that amount of shows and workshops would be enough for me to be happy, but there are two other huge events coming up, about which I’m really excited.
  • The Slapdash International Festival of Improvisation is in London in June. We’ve got some really exciting headliners booked, and the festival should really bring a lot of great improvisers out to London. I’m really excited for this.
  • Impro Hotel: I can hardly believe this is real!! I’m off to Greece in July for a week to teach workshops and hang out with a bunch of amazing folks. Places are already filling up, so if spending a week in Greece swimming, eating good food, partying and improvising sounds like your thing, get in on the action.
Alright, that’s all for now. Just wanted to share.