SO if you’re a blog reader (and if you’re reading this you are), and you’ve been following my slavish devotion to all things world cup for a few posts now, let me just warn you that it’s going to get alot worse before it gets better.
If you’ve been finding it contagious, or already are nursing a World Cup High of your own but are wondering how to get more involved (seeing how Canada is missing yet another World Cup) Here’s a thought:
Join my Fantasy Football League.

got to fifaworldcupfantasysports and pick yourself a team. All the best footballers in the world are there, you just gotta pick em.

Then join my group

AS Gladiators
Group ID#: 30207
Password: romans
And then we battle it out in the realm of tactics and luck. Online. For fun and bragging rights.

Sign up soon or my awesome champ players will already be racking up points while your shitbag team of lazy gits is still getting organized.