The American Motion Picture and Television Producers have taken the information battle on their side of the writer’s strike to the internet at

A helpful excerpt from the FAQ Section:

What is the AMPTP?

The AMPTP, or Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, is a collection of kindly gentlemen who create and distribute all of your favorite screen-based entertainment. Did you like Snow White when you were a kid? The AMPTP made that. How do you feel about “American Idol,” The Bourne Ultimatum and everything Will Smith has ever done? That’s the AMPTP, too.

You’re welcome.

What is this disagreement you have with the Writers Guild of America?
It boils down to a difference of opinion. They want us to pay them for their work, which would literally* bankrupt Hollywood and prevent us from creating these movies and television shows. We, on the other hand, want to keep making movies and television shows, so that people can be happy, and violent crime will fall.

* Not literally.

The damning evidence and persuasive argumentation counteracts the writers’ absurd demands that they be paid for their work.

And all the lousy writers can do is (among other things) come up with is a collection of clever and compelling short films showing a world without writers.

Nice try guys.