Today is my birthday, and that’s fun.

So far i’ve been to the bank, read the paper, and vaccuumed.

In many ways, almost every way, growing up is alot less glamourous than how I imagined it as a kid: I was sure i’d be being a big shot by this time, you know heli-skiing, parasailing, brokering deals, fighting off paparazzi, but this birthday shows me that’s not the case.

But there’s still time, as I’m getting older I can see that 30 isn’t old it’s when I be hitting my stride. I mean, it fucking better be. Early 20’s were great, I was top of the world, mid 20’s pretty good too, but these late 20’s are preparations for power moves. Only, what they are and where they take place, I don’t know. Fortunately, age encourages reflection, perhaps there I’ll find some answers.

29 for life.