Rome doesn’t have much of a pub culture, there’s a couple Irish Bars, actually more than a couple, and I’ve logged some time in a couple but it’s just not the same situation as we’ve got here in Vancouver. Last night I had an impromptu pub crawl with some improvisers. Allen J. and I were all set to hit the stage together but alas, performance requires an audience, so the pre-show hanging out was uninterrupted by a show. In the end 6 of us guys headed out for some beers and yam fries up the street at Hell’s Kitchen. I think only two of us six were actually friends, but after our next stop at the Jolly Alderman we were all, if not friends, at least respected trivia adversaries. Late Night trivia battle until closing time. I won the first round by thousands of points and finished second in the next and final round. Yup, I’m actually bragging. In your face!

The point is, that’s the kinda thing I’ve been missing. Just going with the flow, hanging out with a good group of guys, having some brewskis, talking shop and talking shit, finish up with a joint and head home lightheadedly realizing that this night did not turn out as expected, yet still turned out well.

So says the Trivia Champ