I finally had the opportunity last night to play PowerPints, a pretty brilliant and hilarious show run by my friend Kevin Miller. It was an absolute riot, upstairs at Boom Chicago. As a person who has quite literally written a book on how to present confidently (The Confident Presenter, available now on Amazon), it should have been a cakewalk. Right? Not to mention that it’s a comedy show and I can be funny.

Well, I must say I was quite nervous in the lead-up. My topic was Nautical Aptronyms, a field of study I mostly invented.  It’s absolute nerdery, and something I’m fascinated by. And the presentation came out quite well.

But then I watched all the other presentations and they were all really good. Like, informative, funny, personal and varied. And I got to meet some really cool people who are also involved in the Amsterdam (and Utrecht!) comedy scene.

Anyway, when it was my turn to present I had the best time. The jokes landed, the reveal of some of the names got bigger responses than I had anticipated and I managed to keep it under time. I even won, based on the audience votes, so I’ll get to play again. That is of course a big thrill.

But the biggest thrill was going out to a well-produced night, meeting other thoughtful innovative comedic minds and getting to perform for a responsive, appreciative crowd. All in all, a total win.

If you think attending PowerPints sounds like fun, it is. And if you think presenting there sounds like fun, get to it. Apply now! Oh, it’s also a show in Austin, Texas and L.A., so you could apply there as well.

Below is a picture of me with my sweet sweet trophy!

Man holds a pint glass engraved with "Powerpints Champion"