A new super-heavy element is being added to the periodic table thus rendering your old periodic table embarrassingly outdated.

According to the CBC, The element is created by “firing charged zinc atoms at lead atoms with a particle accelerator. The nuclei of the two atoms merged and immediately begin to decay.”

As yet, there is no name for the element – which will be the heaviest element on the table, but can only exist for a fraction of a second before splitting up into radioactive waste.

Depending on which awesome aspect of the element you want to empasize, I’ve got a couple of suggestions:

  • Decaynium
  • Megamassogen

    Or if you want to get into the implications of the (brief) existence and rapid radioactive deterioration of this element:

  • Celebdivorcinium

    Or, if you just like that science does stuff just because it can do stuff:

  • Unnecessaron

    Good luck trying to christen this thing, science!

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