Snarkmarket and Revelator Press have designed a theoretical New Liberal Arts course book. It’s a timely idea, extremely well executed. Revelator explains on their blog:

New Liberal Arts, a Snarkmarket/Revelator Press collaboration, is the beginning of an attempt to describe topics, disciplines, and methods of inquiry essential to any 21st century education. Ranging from “attention economics” to “video literacy,” New Liberal Arts is a glimpse into the course catalog of an idiosyncratic new school — a liberal arts college 2.0.”

I downloaded a copy and suggest you do the same. I loved perusing the proposed topics. It’s fascinating and relevant – if you’re into having thoughts provoked.

As a bonus: it’s extremely concise; in fact, one of the proposed courses is on brevity.

If you want to own a hardcopy. Too bad. There were only 200 and they sold out in 8 hours.