Hey! Hurray!
I made nog and it was alright. It didn’t make me sick, it wasn’t snotty (thanks Chelsea) and next batch will have some secret ingredients. (thanks Andrew) The real problem with nog (besides the lack of noggers here willing to participate) is that making it I came right up against the nutritional value of the nog. It’s nutritional value consisting of being a weeks worth of your dairy group (if you ascribe to the Canada Food Guide) and a weeks worth of calories.

The more or less recipe is:
Take full-on milk. Add cream. Add eggs. Add sugar. Douse liberally with booze. Presto! Nog!
Buying it prepackaged one can ignore the issue of dubious nutritional content of nog. Sure it’s bad for me, but when I buy it at the store I don’t have to think about that at all. What I don’t know can’t hurt me, right? But by making the nog I get to see exactly what’s going on, and what’s going into the drink. That’s a potential dissuader. However this didn’t have nearly the dissuasive powers you might think. Though it didn’t stop me from nogging, being witness to nog in progress gave me some food for thought, which fortunately is low in calories. In fact, all in all, I say it balanced my diet right out. I can drink deliciously unhealthy nog with impunity, provided I think about the notions of the Canada Food Guide, (is there still a meat group?) out-of-sight-out-of-mindedness, and the nutritional value of thoughts. This food for thought was nutritious, and the nog delicious.