It’s a new year. So far it’s pretty good, though I haven’t left the house much. Or because I haven’t left the house much. Anyway, it’s pretty relaxed so far.

The most pressing issue of this nascent year is what to call it:

Is it “Two-thousand and ten?”

Or is it “Twenty-ten?”

The answer is so obvious as to be laughable: obviously it’s Twenty-ten. Obviously.

Less syllables (therefore faster to say) and less sounding like you got lost in your time machine (less explanations about your time machine, which will also save you time).

So easy.

That’s another thing I like about this year: the simplicity and swiftness of the decisions. There will be little in the way of the dithering, hedging, and procrastinating that plagued the last decade.

This year is a year of action. Quick decisions and powerful forward-motion. Which, I expect will be the gateway to a decade of further cutting our syllables down so we can get tonnes of shit done. Like inventing that time machine we’re all looking forward to.

So… yeah. Fuck yeah! Twenty-ten!