Alright welcome to 2008.

I’ve made some changes to the blog. Clean and crisper (crispier?) to reflect the snow-white promise of a new year.

I also realize this blog is filled with typos. I resolve to spellcheck each and every entry before posting. That’s part of roadstorome’s new commitment to service. You’re welcome.

This year is looking good, and I’ll tell you why. After the anxiety and stress of and sleeplessness of our trip to Rome, Chiara and I got home and enjoyed a visit from Andrew and Ben. These men are Australians, living in Amsterdam, and are my closest co-conspirators in creative endeavours. that means we got design, drawing, writing and music in common. We’re about to drop websites and albums and make a big play in 2008, for which I’m pretty fucking excited. And the big play also includes THE POWER FORCE, which is the play I wrote. Which will be a play within the play, which is one of my favorite literary conceits. Point is: it’s important to have people on the same wavelength.

Speaking of same wavelengths, we had an excellent dinner party on New Years Eve. A proper potluck with plenty of wine and delicious contributions to the meal. Did I mention the conversation was sparkling?

And things just kept on going from there.

In the end we got out dancing until late. A house party with live entertainment and two floors. Upstairs was Portishead, which while good music, is shitty to party to. Downstairs was a slippery floor with live technoelctropoprockhiphop, which worked. Somewhere along the way I got really really drunk. which is part of New Years so that’s cool.

Point is it was awesome to have such a great group of people to ring in New Years here in our new home of Brussels. Friends. It is now one year to the day since we left Rome, and we couldn’t be happier. A frequent topic of conversation at chez Millacioli is “Man, isn’t life in Brussels so good? Aren’t you glad we left Rome?” No offense to the Eternal City, which holds a special place in my heart, but I am so happy with the life changes that have gone on in the last year, since we left.

Lots of writing and acting and scheming and music and some fresh improv and cultural creation on the horizon. Not to mention wedding bells. 2008 is gonna be Two thousand and hustle for my art, hustle for my love, and hustle for living. Things are still looking up.