My hit counter reset itself last week which was disappointing. It’s back, but I don’t care. I was getting a little weird about it, so it’s good that it reset itself…it helped break the spell. Or maybe I had 80,000 hits last night!!

The Sens have dropped their first two games of the Stanley Cup Final, which is not promising. Fortunately the 10 day break between conference final and final final caused my enthusiasm to reduce in intensity, so I don’t care so much anymore. My enthusiasm has been downgraded to ‘passing interest.’

However if the Sens win the next game… I’M BACK ON THE BANDWAGON BABY!!

My photoshopping actually came in handy at work when I was asked to make a ‘fishbone’ diagram for a Powerpoint presentation using an actual fish. I mean, a drawing of an actual fish.

Modest Mouse concert has been postponed until June 25. Apparently they want to be good and sure Chiara has recovered from mono before they take the stage. Thanks guys.

I got paid. So the bills can be too.