Argentina-2 0-Ivory Coast

Only caught the first part of this game. But it was awesome exciting football. Wide open play, two beautiful goals (which i missed. Cazzo!) and a nice result for the Argies. It´s unfortunate that Ivory Coast drew such a tough group, because it would be nice to see them advance, but thír defence offered at least two too many chances.
The last part of the game we watched from behind a pole outdoors in a squat bar. Nice to see even the alternative underside of the city getting down on a little WC Fever.

Post world cup viewing yesterday we continued a tour of the other side of Berlin. A squat party (mediocre and misrepresented to our host Daniel) but what the hell. Partying in abandoned buildings has a certain charm to it that I don´t get experieicne very often. Then a late nightcap at a bar around the corner in some neighborhood I don´t know and couldn´t pronounce anyway. The highlight of course was the playing of Death to the Pixies in its entirety, which roused me out of my “i´m out too late. and tired” mode and had me shaking it on the dance floor. For old school´s sake.

Barely beat the sun home.
I hope to keep the balance of Berlin sociospheres rolling.