There was a multi-day protest in the Northern Italian town of Vicenza against the development of a military installation known as ‘Dal Molin’. The United States Military has been trying to build a new military base there, because they definitely need another one.

The efforts have been thwarted by activists. And just a few days ago a protest and march expected to attract 40,000 people was attended by double that amount. The massive march culminated in a square with speeches by, among others, playwright Dario Fo and 80 year old Catholic priest Don Gallo.

Read an excellent report about it on AfterDowningStreet. Of course US Citizens for Peace and Justice were among the ordinary people standing up for the cause of peace.

Nice to see that protest politics are alive and well, and the people can make their voices heard when 80,0000 strong join together to march, sing, and gather: that’s what the holidays are about.

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