Like the geographically-detached global citizen I am, I have been for weeks excited about two events that are rapidly approaching – though not necessarily in Belgium.

The first is Hallowe’en, which is no Belgian holiday. In fact it is vehemently resisted in some quarters, as if being pro-hallowe’en means you’re anti-Belgium.

I, on the other hand, cannot resist it’s charms. Every year, sitting in the pumpkin patch, memories of trick or treating, or in later years, getting drunk and lighting firecrackers, and apologizing for my last-minute costumes, come flooding back. I get excited.

While plans aren’t really coming together for this Hallowe’en to be epic (Amy Winehouse isn’t coming back to go costume shopping with me, for example).

However, it will involve, if nothing else – scary movies and ghoulish facepaint. I might even bob for an apple in the sink.

The second non-Belgic event – for which I’m even more excited – is American Election Day. November 4th. I have a deep and abiding interest in politics, but I still can’t adequately account for my slavish obsessive devotion to this election.

And you know what? The root or implications of my obsession don’t matter. The only important thing is that The Big O and Joe the Senator beat the Maverick and Bible Spice to the White House. A tiny margin will do, though honestly I’m hoping for a Ruddslide.

Y’see I like Americans, and I want to believe they can be honest, progressive and fess up, “Yeah, we elected Bush twice. (Fuuuuuuuuuck, I know). Anyway, now we’re going for the smart guy.”

For those of us who don’t vote in this election: let’s keep buying those Obama masks. It’s the only way to be sure to have a happy Hallowe’en and a progressive, thoughtful, ideology-free 2009-2012.

Fuck the candy, I want some change for Hallowe’en.