October always has an orange hue

Great news: it’s October!

October is a fine month, smoothing what would otherwise be a devastating monthly turn from September’s post-summer reverie straight into the cold clutches of November. So thanks October for cushioning that rough transition year in and year out.

But october isn’t just special for where it sits in relation to other months; it also has its own internal moments to celebrate. October houses Canadian Thanksgiving, National Nut Day and Hallowe’en. Triple threat!

So it’s special every year. But this October is looking to be even more special than usual. First of all, in only one night’s time I’ll be celebrating the ten year anniversary of meeting the woman who has since become my wife. In the city we met. That’s ten years of sweet full-circle romanticism coming home to roost tomorrow.

And then October gets even better.

Because this October also be a month full of adventure, as my wonderful wife and I will soon embark on some exotic travel adventure through foreign climes and cultures.

It will no doubt be a culture shock for us, as we leave an Amsterdam turning towards winter, and head to hot weather, bizarre customs and strange natives. I am speaking of course, of Florida.

Then we will travel further on through Alabama, Louisiana and Texas. So much unfamiliarity and BBQ awaits.