In what many would consider Ryan Millar’s most exciting day of employment at the European for Standardization he has been fielding calls from print and radio journalists from all over the UK and as far as Italy in response to a proposed European Standard (EN) on womens clothing sizes.

The topic has been picked up by the press and has ignited a stiff backlash from Brits who see it as yet another instance of eurocrats gnawing away at UK customs and traditions. ON the other hand, alot of women and consumer advocates have spoken up in favour saying it makes sense to have clothing standardized so you know what size you’re buying, no matter where you go.

The Herald says this.

The Sun says this. (did you spot the egregious factual error?)
For the Suns page 3, click here.

The Times online offers some more copy on the issue. As does the Daily Mail.

BBC World, BBC Online, National Irish Radio, Today FM and Women’s World Daily have all been heating up the phone lines. If you prefer your news in Italian you can hit this link. (My first media interview in my error-prone Italian)

Unfortunately for everybody, both those who eagerly anticipate the move, and those who can’t wait to complain about it, any changes are quite far off on the horizon. Certainly not this year, maybe not next year, despite what it says in this wikipedia article. Finally BBC Online published an article that attempted to clear up the unwarranted hysteria.

Despite my lack of detailed knowledge on the subject and its lack of actual ‘newsworthiness’ it has been an exciting couple of days in the CEN Press Office.