I’m back. I’m back in the office. Our new premises are different and disorienting. One big change is that now, rather than having my own office, I have a desk in the hallway. I would feel a little hard-done-by for this, but almost everybody has a desk in our new ‘Open Plan’ hallway.

Fortunately, despite the repeated assurances of my colleagues that I ‘look really tired’, I actually feel pretty well-rested. Sure, yesterday’s transit from Seattle was an ordeal, but I managed to sleep for almost three of the 18 hours it took to get home.

Now, it just remains for me to get through these office hours, go home and buy some food for our barren fridge, eat some of it, and then prepare for a full day of improv workshop teachings tomorrow. I’m hoping I don’t suffer the ‘second day back jetlag-whiplash’ that can sometimes occur after trans-timezone travel, because I’ve got to whip these newbies into improvisational fighting shape.

I’m armed with some new exercises, some fresh ideas, and plenty of piss and vinegar. I’m hoping for some big things and good times. I’m also hoping this general plan – one day at the office followed by two days of workshops – augurs well for 2009 – a little bit of office jerkwork, and a whole lot of improvisation/writing/creative outpouring.