Olympic Dreams have come and gone. There is still the possibility that I can get north to Torino to drink deep of the worlds premier celebration of big business and amateur sport controversy, but the window has gotten so narrow that I may not be able to squeeze my sorry snowsuited ass through. A lack of tickets for premiere games (ie. ones that Canada will be playing in) is the problem. Oh sure, I can train 8 hours north to Turin, but then I can’t really see the Olympics because they sold my tickets. It’ll be all crammed into sports bars and elementary school gymnasiums eating 8 euro hamburgers, I can feel that icy breeze. The problem, if I can be so bold as to offer my insight, is that the Olympics is a fucking disorganized mess run by oily bastards. If Italy is so apathetic about the Olympics, why can’t I get a fucking ticket? If I was online with a basket full of tickets to purchase for hockey and curling then you block sales for a couple weeks, then you go ahead and sell those tickets from out underneath me, aren’t you just a fucking prick? Aren’t you Olympic Organizer?

The only good news I know is that Canada is sure to sweep gold in the Ice Art Competition. check out paintingsbelowzero.com