Every year the ‘Brotherhood of the Omelette’ comes to Brussels to prepare, cook and serve an omelette so big it requires a forklift to move it.

It goes without saying that a 10,000 egg omelette is a big omelette. However, the biggest omelette in the world is not measured in eggs, it’s measured in tonnes. That 2.95 tonne omelette was made by the Lung Association in Brockville Ontario Canada. It’s alot bigger.

But small though this giant omelette was, it was not just the biggest omelette I’d eaten, it was the biggest anything I’ve eaten. There’s not even a second place.

The Brotherhood of the Omelette comes from Malmedy in the Wallonia region of Belgium. They share Brotherhood duty there with the ‘Brotherhood of the Trout Knights.‘ But while the Trout Knights have done nothing for me, the omeletters perservered in the face of a torrential downpour to serve up a damn fine omelette and a perfect example of what makes Belgium so great, and why it will never be taken seriously.