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I recently had the pleasure of guesting on Jennifer Carr’s excellent podcast Connected Conversations with Creatives.

In the episode, I talk a lot about my book The Confident Presenter and how I ended up writing it. We also explore the intricate web connecting creativity, communication, and connection. There’s a big focus on finding our community and how to engage with a variety of audiences.

As Jennifer graciously writes in the show notes:

Drawing from his vast experience and his book on mastering the art of public speaking, Ryan shares invaluable insights into how artists and creatives can transcend the barriers between their work and their audience. Discover the importance of making personal connections, the power of sharing your passion, and the transformative potential of embracing your unique voice. Whether you’re an artist struggling to communicate about your work, or anyone looking to enrich their creative endeavors through better engagement, this episode offers a treasure trove of advice, anecdotes, and strategies to help you connect more deeply with your audience and yourself.

So, it comes highly recommended from her (and from me). You can listen on your regular podcatcher, or watch it on YouTube. EMbedded below for your convenience. Of note, I don’t normally do a video podcast. My podcast Remote Pep Talks is audio-only. I say that because watching this video podcast is causing me to rethink my set-up. You see, I don’t think it really helps to connect with an audience when you have a microphone and popfilter obscuring 60% of your face.

Just bear that in mind if you watch the video. I know the audio-forward set-up does me no favors in a visual medium.

But to me, podcasts are an audio medium. I guess I’m just old-school like that.

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