I guess if I didn’t like travelling, I wouldn’t have ended up in Europe in the first place. I would’ve stayed home. But now that I’m in Europe, and if the last few months are any indication of what lies ahead, now more than ever traveling is becoming a way of life.

If you’ve been following what’s been going on with me, now that I’ve started working for myself, and teaching and performing, I have, in the last few months, started travelling a lot.

It’s included train trips to high schools in far-off corners of the Netherlands, other train trips to Brussels Belgium for improv workshops, even filming a spot for Belgian TV in the woods of Flanders, and flying to London for workshops and meetings, a whirlwind corporate show in Switzerland, Tampere for the Finland International Improv Festival, Slapdash International in London (happening currently).

That’s already a lot of travel, I realize. Plus next week I’ll be in Milan, for some communications training sessions – and hopefully a show or workshop as well.

And that non-exhaustive list is just the work related stuff. There is also the leisure travel.

Rome for a wedding a few weeks ago, Cologne Germany for a Bon Jovi concert next weekend (!) and then  Sicily for a week’s holiday six days later.

It’s a lot of traveling around, but I’m really looking forward to getting away with Chiara, because between my work/travel schedule and hers (which is also pretty hectic), it seems like both of us going away to the same place at the same time is the best way to ensure we get to spend some time together.

Business travel?
As for the business travel – well, first of all, it’s hard to call it business travel when it involves me hanging out and laughing and learning with incredible people, and teaching and performing improv. And comedy and theatre and things. But it is also, now, part of my life.

And I like it. I like it a lot more that all the things I get to do when I’m on the road are the things I love to do, and I’m meeting such incredible people. Plus it’s always exciting and tiring. So things are going well, and I’m busy. And that’s amazing.

Of course, after our holiday in Sicily I have virtually nothing planned – no trips, few shows, fewer workshops. But based on the stampeding pace of the the last little while, I’m actually looking forward to it. Spending some time in Amsterdam and catching up on some other projects I’ve put to the side.

Plus, there does seem to be a pretty good possibility that I’ll end up with more shows and trips over those months.

I’ve been listening to Astronautilus a lot lately, and this song in particular reminds me that traveling doing what you love is a great way to live. At the very least it makes a poetic case to convince me that that is the case. “The River, The Woods”.

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