Train travel in Europe is efficient and frequent. In North America it is a novel and kinda slow. Our train covers the 2 hour journey from Vancouver to Seattle in four hours. It is also two hours behind schedule. While this is inconvenient, the train staff did bring around some snacks and small bottles of water, so it’s a wash.
Seattle was our first port of call, and it is our last point of interest, as we depart tomorrow. The trip has been action-packed with awesome highlights. Plenty of visiting with friends and their babies, a little bit of music, a little bit of hockey, and a whole lot of sushi. The only missing aspect was live theatre and/or improv. We learned a week and change is time too short for all the people and things we wanted to do, so we just let come what may, and it did, and it was good.
Now, from home back to the real world.