So i’ve been here a week and this motherfucker still hasn’t found a damn job. I mean, despite the fact that my Italian is crappy and the city is enormous and full of Italians, my near-irrepresible positive outlook had me firmly convinced that i’d be sitting in the lap of luxury almost immediately upon arrival. By lap of luxury i mean at the head of a walking tour or the front of an ESL class.
However, though this hasn’t materialized, all is not lost, there are emails up in prospective employers inboxes as i write this.
As i write this i’m not far off from my first job interview, which because i don’t want to jinx it, will not yet be spoken of.

I arrived safe and sound, with even time for a stopover in Olde London Towne. Time enough for some afternoon pints on the Thames with everyones favorite, David Frederick Symonds. My flight had certainly left me parched, so i was happy for the company and whistlewetters.
Speaking of whistle-wetting, I watched Sideways on the flight over. This is a movie i was hellbent on seeing, so i was thinking i had good fortune. The problem was that all the swearwords had been overdubbed. The overdubbing job was decent, however, just noticeable enough to draw me right out of the film. And the content created a whole other layer of pathos than that on display in the movie.

Eg. I’m gonna get you loved. Instead of i’m gonna get you laid. Enough said (or unsaid).

You don’t know squid. C’mon, please.

and of course: You just wanted to fool me first! Instead of fuck me first. Obviously.

I guess they did this so kids wouldn’t be exposed to the filthy language in the unexpurgated version of the movie, but why kids would watch a movie about two sad middle-aged men in the throes of mid life crises over cartoons, i’ll never know.
Here’s why i’ll never know: they never would. cartoons win, every time. And if its not cartoons well then a rerun of The Fresh Prince also trumps 2 old guys sniffing wine.

I however would’ve really enjoyed the movie, if it hadn’t been all chopped up.

This rant probably also has to do with the fact that i didn’t sleep a wink on that flight.

I did however, get knocked the fuck out on my flight from London to Rome, because daytime pints after a sleepless transcontinental flight put me in the mood for zees.