Oostend was great.

Excellent seafood, laughs, a casino win, a movie night, beach walks, poolswims, a nature show on bears, afternoon cocktails…it had just about everything a romantic holiday needs.

But it wasn’t perfect. First of all, our hotel the Royal Astrid sucked. Especially bad were the four single beds and zero double beds in our romantic room overlooking the pool roof. But this was surpassed by the douchebaggery of the desk clerk.

Hey fuckface; your sportgoofy tie is stupid, and you’re an asshole.
In case you were wondering: I don’t recommend it.

The high note was De Mangerie. An excellent seafood restaurant with great service, great prices (get the entree, main, and dessert combination) and a romantic atmosphere.

The should’ve been a high note but was a low note was watching the Roma-Lazio Derby. I missed the first 20 minutes, in which Lazio scored two goals during successive Roman blackouts, and Mexes’ goal to bring them back within one.

Anyway between all the red cards, near-misses and bitter, crushing defeat it should’ve been a nicer ‘me’ moment while Chiara was taking a nap.

But in the end the getaway was rather effortless, nice weathered, and we enjoyed each other’s company and had a happy, healthy time. Thanks Oostend.

A couple more pics below: