You might know that I like the hip hop music. You might even know that I have a hip hop career, even. I present:


When I worked at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, I co-developed and presented a mind-bending lesson about metamorphosis. It included: a rip in the space-time continuum, the ability to listen to the thoughts of a tadpole, and a tadpole who is repeatedly suprised by his development into a frog, and not a fish.

It culminated with Jason Nodder in frog suit and myself (in scientician outfit) rocking an accapella rap track complete with a call-and-response for children and parents.

Sample line: “I thought I was a fish, but that was a mistake/ I’ve always been a frog, I just had to wait.”

It was wicked hot, and if I do say so myself, took educational programming at that venerable institution light years into the future. Or at least the present.


This was followed up with a successful hip-hop history lesson at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I spent my summer rocking a track I worte about the socio-economic causes of the rise of Nazism in Germany post-WWI. This factual was kicked inside the gallery space during an exhibition on art from that period. Huge shouts to the amazing DJ Splice, who made the fresh, fresh beat.

Sample line: “The Weimar Republic was Germany’s first democracy/ a noble attempt but it wasn’t done properly.”

The seeming disjunction of rap music in staid art institution actually went over quite well. Lots of positive feedback.


I recorded an extremely rare and fresh rap album with brilliant improvisers Dave Morris and Ryan Beil as hiphop supergroup See Spot Rhyme. The album was called Ready, Set, Rap. We rocked quite a few live shows as well.

An imperfect, but enjoyable piece of awesomeness.


I’m on my way to Amsterdam this weekend to lay down some rhymes with Shortcut Kid and Ginger Fury. We are Overboard, your next favorite rap group. We will be joined in the studio by awesome person/former member of the legendary KAT Krew J. Trigga.

We hope to have some tracks ‘in the can’ in the very near future.