Besides the beautiful weekend in Tuscany, my beautiful girlfriend gave me another sweet present: a full hour full body massage and a pedicure. The massage is pretty self explanatory, as is, i suppose, the pedicure. It was however my first pedicure, and was disconcerting but pleasant. My feet weren’t disgusting before, they weren’t turning into hooves, that would take generations. But they were certainly dry and rough. The half hour of attention the pedicurist paid probably nearly equals the cumulative time i’ve spent tending to them in my life. But it won’t be the last trip to get a pedicure. I can understand why women do it. And my dad, and probably many other men as well. Particularly here in Italy, where men take personal grooming to a whole new and surprisingly masculine level. Anyway it was relaxing, and looking after my feet isn’t gay, it just makes sense.

Besides, my girlfriend bought it for me, so why not.
I may have to keep getting her to buy them for me, until I become comfortable with them.

I feel like it also signals a new stage of my life, which at 29 it may have been time to enter into.