Last Night Chiara and I went to a wine party put on by a co-worker. After a half hour drive downtown (we left a little late and had to hurry)
We drove around for almost 2 hours looking for parking. I just about got out of the car and walked away. It was unbelievable. Romans are not particularly considerate drivers, the streets aren’t particularly big or straight,a nd the names are too long to fit on maps. Besides that we were in the historical centre, with its pedestrian areas, cafes in the street, and utter lack of parking.

I was a grumpy sulky mess. Partly because of the parking issue, which was exacerbated by Chiaras unwillingness to contravene even the smallest traffic regulation, despite the fact that it is well-accepted practice in Rome to do so. It was maddening.

When we got there, my boss, whom i’ve met just once before, was hammered.
A splendid time was had by all. In the end.