Who’s allowed to stay in Italy for 5 years?

This guy!!! or as I like to say now “Quest’uomo!”

That’s right after all the talk i’ve heard about the confusing layers of Italian bureaucracy I fairly walked into the Questura (Immigration office) and waltzed out with permission to stay for 5 years (Thanks to: My UK citizenship and my BC Care Card. The latter standing in the stead of actual legitimate medical coverage)
After that I got my codice fiscale. Now I can get a bank account. After that I got assistenza medicale. Now I have a doctor and can use the healthy Italian medical services. Hello dentist, hello doctor. Hello… laser eye surgery!? It’s possible.

So that alleviates some concerns about my job getting me deported, but soon enough i think i’ll need some legitimate gainful employment. I’m on the lookout for potential opportunities. but let me get back to the point. I got all of these things accomplished in one morning. And was still able to make it down to St. peter’s to give an afternoon promotional tour. Though I had partially grossly misjudged the state of Italian bureaucracy I know part of my error was just thinking of “immigration.” What i should have done is drawn a clear definite line betweeen first world EU immigrants who are expected to bring money in, and dark skinned 3rd world north African immigrants. Most of them are still waiting at the Questura to plead their case. I’m not saying it’s fair, because it’s not. Far from it. But I don’t know everybodies story, all I know is i’m here, I’m working and now i can have a bank account to send some savings home to Canada to throw into the bottomless pit of student loan debt.