The coolest thing I’ve seen in Vancouver in a long time. I heard about it. I went downtown and situated myself in the neighborhood of the Vanbcouver Art Gallery for around three o’clock, just to see if the “pillow fight” would happen. Not daring myself to hope that it would be very successful, not in the no fun apathetic city I am from, a place where even I, excited as I was, was just too disaffected to tote a pillow around all day. Turned out I was in the minority.

A couple hundred, at a generous estimate, turned out to engage in the longest pillow fight i’d ever seen. this was not your standard sleepover in-like-a-lion-over-in-two-minutes affair.

Oh no it wasn’t.

And when the feathers settled, Robson was coated in feathers.

Shocked and amazed, i was, and cursing my lack of pillowhandedness.